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Keyword research service is one of the most important seo services and queen of the every business. Discovering the keywords in search engine, most of client finds your business website. Many clients know very well that which keyword phase is best for website and give you more business.

Some of the business owner believes that they have completed that process once the website created. When starting an online marketing, the first step should keyword research and analysis for every website. The keyword research and analysis is actually a very difficult process and there are so many factors cover inside it. Many the clients spend small fund on the high ranking on the short tail keywords that are only sending the huge traffic instead of business sale. Only the right keywords on the right page give you the best business and increase the sale of product and services. The highest ranking in search engine is not enough for any business because when the keywords phase is not suitable for the page then user quickly leaves you website and it’s a wrong impact for your business.

At infosoft consultant, a seo services company providing huge services of content marketing, keyword research services, website optimization, link building, competitor analysis and many more. When we are performing the keyword research and analysis, we keep in mind the client business, website page content, demographic data of the business and customer’s intent. We have also more focus on the keywords other factors like keywords density, keywords proximity, keywords prominence as well. With the highly targeted keywords you will directly increase the website sale, click through rate and batter improvement in return on investment.

Process for keyword research and analysis

  • Website analysis and set business goal

  • Audience research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Use best keywords tools for finding great suggestion like Google adwords tool, Bing keyword research tool, Moz tools etc.

  • Purify the list and review the best one

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