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Affordable SEO packages that increase your visibility

Higher ranking on google, bing and major search engine must required, if you want to find some potential customers and higher sale. Our cheep and affordable SEO packages will help you to reduce your cost and get higher position in major search engine that generate huge visitors and leads. Our SEO services are high quality and effectiveness as per the latest marketing trends that reduce your cost of marketing and generate more revenues.

Keep in mind the small to big business needs, we have designed 4 SEO packages which fits for all. Our SEO packages relevant to latest marketing trends like infographic creation, content marketing, various slide share presentations, etc. that appropriate for the new business website, business ongoing SEO and google penalties recovery. The basic SEO friendly website needs like website optimization, Various On-page SEO factors, Google webs master and analytics set up and Content optimization fulfill in all our SEO packages. When you choose our any package, our experts will personally analyze your website and business needs. After the analysis, Our expert also shares some good idea regarding landing page, use flow, the content suggestion, generate higher conversion rates.

Why choose us?

Our affordable SEO packages have very effective for every business and help you to find business, new clients that are actually looking for your products. Check it out somewhat you get, if choose us?

  • Help you to find potential customers: SEO is not just getting higher ranking in search engines, but it's about to get hug her visitors and generate higher leads and inquiries. Our experts find the best strategies and implement it to choose better keywords, that effective and increase your business revenues.
  • Google algorithm friendly : Google is continuously changing in their algorithms to serve the best results. In the last 2 years, The google algorithms panda, penguin and humming bird will change full marketing strategies. The old "black hat" and "gray hat" SEO techniques died, only white hat techniques in a right way will give you higher ranking.
  • Not any contract: Most of the SEO Companies locks your business marketing with contract. You can't change chosen marketing company before ending contract. Our SEO packages are monthly based, you can choose, upgrade and cancel contract anytime.
  • Targeted traffic: a considerable advance SEO services to target and promote your business in niche website and more elaborate business in front of the relevant audience. Our cheap SEO packages are designed as per, the expert will choose appropriate techniques as per the local of international SEO.

Check SEO packages strategies

There are many ranking factors included in the periodic table of 2015. Google is doing more than 500 changes per year in algorithms to give a better result. If your link building are not Google panda, penguin and Hummingbird algorithms friendly, your website gets a penalty and removed from the SERP.

To get higher ranking and generate leads, our experts continuously update their knowledge as per the market changes and prepare the appropriate strategies.

  1. Website optimization strategy: The highly crawled and indexed website rank high in Google. Having a well optimized search engine friendly website with targeted keywords rank high in Google. Perfect On-page optimization, keywords mapping and content optimization helps google to understand your business niche and more searchable on it. We have the expertise to do quality website optimization and check it on various tools like mash toolbar, quick sprout and screaming frog.
  2. Local SEO strategy: Local SEO strategy is not important for every business, some service and product oriented business need it. Most of the local sea strategies are based targeting some specific geographic locations.
    The local SEO strategies need to optimize your keywords with your local country and city name and promote your website in niche local market.
  3. Niche SEO strategy: The relevant backlinks are most important for latest business trends. The quality of the link is more important than quantity. By submitting your website into a business related website, you will get higher ranking in less effort. We need a niche SEO strategy to easily Find the business related audience.
  4. Content marketing strategy: the latest online promotion trend covers content marketing most. The highly rich and fresh content of blogs, article, press release will directly, help you to get high visits and increase your conversion rate. We use a traditional content production process, produce social media engagement and increase interaction.
  5. Social media marketing strategy: Social media is the most powerful platform to reach and directly engage with customers. Things go viral and serves to the millions of people in a minute. We have continuously promoted fresh idea and content as status, comment and answering related questions, build a brand page that drives thousand of visitors to your website.

Guaranteed improvement in your ranking

Generally, in the Search engine optimization no one has able to give you guarantee about first page first ranking. The Google search criteria changes day to day, SO its very difficult say, you will get 1 ranking in Google. We ensure you that if you buy any SEO packages, you will 100% improve on your ranking, if we think we don't, will step away from the project.

Once you buy a package for one month, you will not get major improvement in visits and ranking because it's a long term process, take a 2-3 month of efforts to get good results. We prefer you to join our SEO package plan, check it how it increases your presence on the web.

Various SEO packages

Services Bronz US$Per month Silver US$Per month Gold US$Per month Platinum US$Per month
Web Pages 10 20 40 60
Keywords Phrase 10 15 25 40
Delivery Time 3-6 Months 3-6 Months 3-6 Months 3-6 Months
Initial Review and analysis
In-depth Site Analysis
Content Duplicacy Check
Initial Backlinks Analysis
Google Penalty Check
Competition Analysis 2 3 4 4
Initial Rank Report
Structured Data Implementation
On-Page Optimization
Keywords Optimized
Keyword Research
Meta Tag Submission
Comprehensive On-site Analysis
Content Optimization
Page Speed Optimization Analysis
Robots.txt Creation
Sitemap.xml Creation
Internal Links Optimization
Header Tags Optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Usability Analysis
Broken Link Check
Google and Bing Webmaster tools setup
Google and Bing Analytics setup
Link Building
Search engine submissions
Major Directory Submissions 100 200 300 400
Social Bookmarking 100 200 300 400
Business listing Free 4 7 10 10
Local Listing Optimization
Classified Creation and distribution 30(15*2) 45(15*3) 60(20*4) 80(20*4)
Forum posting 15 25 40 60
Google Local Listing
Blog Creation 2*250 words 3*250 words 4*250 words 5*250words
Articles Written/Submitted 30(15*2) 40(20*2) 60(20*3) 80(20*4)
Press Releases Written/Submitted 1 2 3 4
Guest Blog Posting 1 2 3 4
Web 2.0 Submission (Blog) 3 5 8 10
Infographic Design & Submission 1 2 3
Slideshare presentation creation 1 2 3 4
RSS Submission
Social Media Optimization
Social Bookmarking 25 50 100 200
Facebook & Twitter Account Setup
Google Plus and Linkedin Business Page Setup
Profile Content Writing
Facebook and twitter Wall Updates
Google plus and Linkedin page updates
Submission Report
Ranking Report
Monthly Reports
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Suggest any custom seo packages as per your business requirements


  1. What is different from other service provider?
    Our cheap SEO packages are mostly designed and planned as fit for every business and keep in mind the 2015 ranking factors. Our expert will understand your business and suggest improvement areas of your website, works as like own business. Our SEO services are totally white hat, knowledge based, pass the values of business and force on the business goal. The continuous updated strategy to fulfill business goals and attached to you, made a one step ahead from others.
  2. How much time to achieve results?

    Once you buy our any SEO packages, our expert will immediately start website optimization and fix the SEO friendliness issues, also share some good ideas with you for improving website conversion. Within a 15 days, we submitted your website in major search engine and improve your crawl rate and index rate in major search engines. By serving your business with high quality websites and fresh content, we show your business visibility improvement in our weekly and monthly reports.

    I just wanted to share one more thing that SEO is a long term process. You need to wait 2 months for getting some good result.

  3. I have an e-commerce/real estate/restaurant/roofing website. Will these SEO packages help me?
    Yes, we have already completed various industry projects and worked with global clients. Our experts have wide knowledge of many industry marketing, they understand your business goal and prepare an appropriate marketing strategy.

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